Pear - FAQs



What is Pear?

Pear is a social app that connects you to 6 people for 24 hours to discover people you'd like to meet.

Do I have to pay to use Pear?

Pear is completely free to download and use.

Is phone number the only way to register an account?

Yes, we need your phone number to identify you. Rest assured, we will never share your phone number with other users.

Pear is not available in my country?

We are slowly rolling out Pear to different countries as we continue to test and improve the App. If you want Pear to be available in your country sooner, send some love on Twitter @pearmoe.

When will Pear be available on Android?

This is on our roadmap so please stay tuned for upcoming information about our Android release by following our twitter @pearmoe! 💛💛💛


How does the app work?

You connect with up to 6 people for 24 hours to discover people you'd like to meet. During this time, you can express who you are by recording photo/video moments occuring in your daily life; answering questions from connections or taking on fun challenges.

Once you identify someone interesting that you want to know, send a Pear. If they send one back before the 24 hours is up, you get Peared Up and become friends. As friends, you get to stay connected, chat directly and continue following each other's story.

There's no one around me?

If you are unable to find anyone and all your cards are awaiting users, this means there is no one available that currently matches your age and distance preferences. Try increasing this so a broader range of users can find you.

Also since we just recently launched, there's a possibility that there is no one around you just yet. Please be patient and help us spread the word as we continue to improve the app with new updates, improvements and fixes.s

Why can't I filter people by gender?

Pear strives towards developing and nurturing a healthy balance of people you can connect with.

What is a Pear?

A Pear is an ice-breaker video that you send to people you want to become friends with. The other user will not see who sent the Pear or the contents of the Pear until they send one to you too.

No Pears available, how do i get more?

Each user gets a total of 4 Pears. When Pears are "Sent" or become "Peared", they remain unavailable. To free up the Pears, you can unpear from a friend or wait for sent Pears to return if the other user didn't send one back within the 24 hours.

What does the heat 🔥 do?

Heat lets users know that their stories are 🔥. Add heat if you are dig their story!

How do I chat with connections?

You can only chat directly with someone when you both pear up and become friends. If you aren't friends, you can only express who you are through your story, sharing moments, answering questions from your connections and taking on challenges.

Why can't I upload photos/videos from my camera roll to my story?

Pear is about expressing who you are raw in the moment. It's a little space you share with 6 people which is why its important the content you share is something done within the app. NOT to be mistaken with any content you share elsewhere. It also ensures that people aren't catfishing and faking their identity so you can rest assured.

How do I remove the photo/video from my story?

You are not able to delete moments from your story so make sure to review them before adding them to your story.

How do I remove a friend?

If you find that your friend is no longer active or you need more pears, then choose to unpear from them by tapping the more (...) button and selecting "Unpear".


How do I report someone?

To report a user, tap on the more (. . .) icon and select "Report". Choose the reason you are reporting the user for and submit. Our team will look into reports and action will be taken if community guidelines were not followed.

What does the warning icon mean?

When a user has received sufficient reports from other users or has been flagged by our system, the user will receive a warning icon and cautions other user before viewing their story about possible inappropriate content.

How do I become unsuspended?

You are suspended for a period of 24 hours due to multiple reports by other users or uploading inappropriate content. Please wait untl the time expires and read our community guidelines to ensure you avoid another suspension.

How do I become unbanned?

If you are banned, this means you have failed to follow our community guidelines and been suspended on multiple occasions. As a result, you will be banned from Pear indefinitely.


How do I sign up?

Download Pear on the App Store (U.S & Canada)

Should I use my real name?

Pear values authenticity and being yourself is the quickest way to finding people you click with. You can start by providing your real name, that way you're not creating any trust issues.

How do i delete my account?

We're sad to hear you want to leave. If there are concerns that aren't addressed, please provide feedback in the app by shaking your phone. We will strive to do our best to resolve any concerns you may be having. But if you're sure you want to leave, please send us an email at [email protected] and your account will be removed within two weeks.

Is there an age restriction for using Pear?

Pear is only available for people over the ages of 13.

Why do I need to provide location access?

Your location helps us ensure that we connect you with people nearby based on your distance preferences.

I want to change my basic information, app won't let me?

We don't want users to be pretending to be people they are not. Pear is all about authenticity which is why you only get 1 chance to change your info. Please use your real name and age.

My hometown/school/college is not available to select?

Help provide feedback by sending it in app and suggesting your hometown/school/college. We'll be sure to add it in, for future updates.

Will any of my friends see me on this app?

We currently do not collect any contact or friend information from you to determine this. If this is something you'd like us to do, please let us know by sending us feedback and this request.

When does Pear delete photos/videos/chats from their app?

We only keep stored data for a maximum of 30 days before it is removed.